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Kyle, Minnesota

Kayla Pulls the Trigger

After months of family firearm safety lessons, where I reviewed the ins and outs of how to handle and what to do when you encounter guns, we finally progressed to the point where I felt Ryan was responsible enough to pull the trigger with me.

One of the most IMPORTANT things that you can do as a parent is to EDUCATE your children. Educate them about the dangers in the world, and prepare them with the skills and knowledge needed to be safe and to help others to be safe. That applies to firearms -- taking the curiosity out of it is paramount.

I took off today and brought them with me to the range to fire the .22. As a father, this was a proud, PROUD day for me. They both executed flawlessly and were pretty darn good at 25 yards! Even an old retired Army Ranger that was there congratulated them -- that was cool!

Again it boils down to RESPONSIBILITY -- with my supervision this was a tremendous bonding experience and puts them on the path to safe shooting and a longtime enjoyment and respect of firearms.

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