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Spark a New Generation™

America’s unique outdoor heritage is foundational to what makes this country great. Yet the cold truth is, there’s a growing segment of American society – especially young people – who have limited access and no guidance to experience shooting, camping, fishing, and hunting.

That’s a big problem! It’s a problem for them because they may never know these freedoms that define being American. It’s a problem for those of us who cherish the heritage because as fewer Americans appreciate the outdoors the more likely we’ll lose opportunities and access to this heritage.

The good news is, WE are the solution. The future is in OUR control. Every one of us can lead someone else to Make A First in the outdoors. It’s actually as easy and simple as a casual invitation to “come along” the next time you shoot, camp, fish, or hunt.

Leading someone to Make A First in the outdoors is an investment – in them and yourself. And like any good investment it compounds! Bringing along one person to make an outdoor first becomes two, then ten, then a hundred, then a thousand… and then a movement.

Firing that first gun, stargazing from a campsite, signing your hunting license, setting the hook on a fish – these are all “firsts” to be celebrated and stories to be told – more importantly shared and retold. That’s why this website and the Make A First movement exists – to tell the stories, celebrate the heritage, and inspire new passions for the outdoors.